Ronaldo mocked Florenzi for being too short

1 week ago

Cristiano trolled Florenzi for being short but Roma player had the last laugh.

Just before the hour mark, Ronaldo and Florenzi had a heated conversation with the pair furiously exchanging words. The Juventus star then savagely trolled the diminutive AS Roma man.

“You’re too short to talk,” Ronaldo said to him.

Florenzi got the revenge for Ronaldo mocking his height— Juniuer (@juniuer) 12 May 2019

After this heated argument, Cristiano Ronaldo hugged Florenzi but he came to bite back as he scored the winner in the 79th minute.

Edin Dzeko scored the second goal to seal the game. Florenzi did not hold back on his thoughts on Ronaldo.

“We’d put the ball out of play twice so someone could get treatment and twice he played it,” he said.

“We could’ve gone on the counter with Kolarov in the first half, but we put it out of play, because that’s the kind of people we are.

“He’s the Ballon d’Or and thinks he has the right to do everything he did. I say and do a lot of dumb things on the pitch too, but it stays there.”

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Needless to say, Ronaldo’s actions sent social media into overdrive.

Juventus have already won Serie A but Roma are fighting for the UEFA Champions League spot.

They sit on 6th with 62 points and 1 point separates them and INter.

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