Simeone on difference between Messi and Ronaldo’s game

2 weeks ago

Atletico Madrid’s manager Diego Simeone offered his views on the ever-ongoing debate on Messi vs Ronaldo. The Argentinian made it clear with his statement, that he considered them to be of two completely different playing styles. His opinion maybe the most trustable view on the two, considering the number of times he has faced them. He has been managing Los Colchoneros since 2011 and probably has the most experience against the two giants. Nevermind the times, no one has ever been able to keep them out of the game, completely.

As Simeone put in perfectly, both Messi and Ronaldo bring two different things on the table. Whilst commenting on their rivalry, he said,

What I consider is that in a team with fewer solutions, Ronaldo is a better fit because he provides many solutions,

For a team which focuses on football, Messi is much better.

Simeone’s Atletico was once again humbled by Ronaldo, in the Round of 16 stage of the UCL. Speaking of that defeat, he said,

We are talking about very fine margins of how a team plays. Cristiano can decide a game in a different way, he doesn’t need ten attacks. He scored two headers against us and we were out.

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Explaining how they compliment their teammates through their amazing talents, he said,

Both need a team but the differences are very small. Lionel, in an attacking team always plays better.

Ronaldo can win a game in two actions, he simplifies the situations. Messi is mesmerising because he plays elaborate football. Leo plays in a team that compliments all of his talent. He always ends up finding solutions.

This may as well be the most apt description, someone has ever given in context the everlasting debate.

This year’s UCL final will be the first since 2013, which won’t feature either Ronaldo or Messi. A young Ajax team ended Juve’s European challenge in the quarters, whilst Messi’s Barcelona crashed out in a spectacular manner, after they gave away a 3-goal lead to Liverpool, in the semis.

Liverpool play Spurs in the Champions League final, in the second ever all-English final in the competition’s history.

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