Pique: We don’t care what Real Madrid have won

1 month ago

Pique as well as Barcelona have been in a splendid form towards the business end of the season.

Pique doesn’t miss an opportunity to mock or taunt Real Madrid and its supporters. But, this time his answer looked childish.

“We don’t care what Real Madrid have won, as things go as they go and history is what it is. They have won the UCL several times in recent years, while we won other titles. To compare the titles won is something for you all to do,” said Gerard Pique in another attempt to pretend like history doesn’t matter in modern football.

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Gerard Pique showed off his true terrible self as he appeared on the Spanish TV show ‘La Resistencia’ on Movistar+ some time ago. When asked about his sex life with his long-time partner Shakira, Pique replied in a fashion which automatically told you which kind of player and person he is:

“How many times did I have sex the last month? Do those times at the Bernabeu count?”

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